The Skriker

Skriker for net -¬Keith Dixon-38

The Lir, National Academy of Dramatic Art

A play by Caryl Churchill

Set and Lighting Designer Ciarán O’Melia Costume Designer Catherine Fay Sound Designer Ivan Birthistle Music Director Morgan Cooke Movement Director Bryan Burroughs Hair & Make-Up Design Val Sherlock Production Manager Rob Furey

Cast Curtis-Lee Ashqar (The Skriker as man in dark room / Kelpie / Bogle / Spriggan / Businessman), Venetia Bowe (The Skriker), Gillian Buckle (The Skriker as homeless woman / Woman with Kelpie / Rawheadandbloodybones / Lost Girl / Businessman / Wife with Children / Great-Great-Granddaughter), Simone Collins (The Skriker as woman in hospital / The Skriker as Marie / Girl with Telescope / Dead Child / Black Annis / Rawheadandbloodybones / Blue Man), Kwaku Fortune (Man with Cloth and Bucket / Spriggan / Johnny Squarefoot / Businessman / Husband with Children), Ciara Ivie (Josie), Lucy Johnson (The Skriker as American woman / Green Lady / Yallery Brown / Businessman / Blue Man / Rawheadandbloodybones / Granddaughter), Charlie Maher (The Skriker as man in flat / Johnny Squarefoot / Brownie / Dark Fairy / Black Dog / Businessman), Amy McElhatton (The Skriker as child / Yallery Brown / Barwoman / Fair Fairy / Hag / Businessman / Black Dog / Blue Man), Fiona Rose Stout (Passerby), Shannen Turner (Lily)



  • 10th-16th February The Lir, Dublin


Photography by Keith Dixon